We go further with our weekly digest of hacks from our wise friends, so here is a cool collection of top simple hacks that will give you a boost of wisdom. Let’s start!


Think twice before buying someone a gift associated with their hobby. Unless you are just definitely sure on something, you will likely buy a gift they don’t want or need (or they probably have already).

Curriculum Vitae

Save your resume as a PDF before sending it out. This guarantees the layout, structure, typography to be 100% consistent for all viewers, and no one will have issues opening it. In other words, what you send is what they’ll get.

Sharing / Splitting

if you want to divide something among two people (usually kids), you get one person to divide, and the other person gets first pick on which piece they want. Everyone wins and it ensures 100% fairness.


Whenever you travel abroad bring a new soundtrack for each place you visit, preferably one you have never heard before. In the future, every time you listen to each soundtrack again they will bring you vivid memories of the places you have visited.


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