Our family’s priorities, when it comes to diet, is to make sure we include in our diet quality produce in the form of vegetables and fruits. While we do buy organic and we’re fan farmers’ markets, many times this comes at a high price. By now, you probably know we’re budget freaks so paying too much on food is something that myself and my wife are working to permanently optimize.

One of the things we tried to do is to find a way to clean as much as possible the conventional vegetable and fruits we’re buying in bulk. One of the things I personally have tested recently is a fruit&vegetable wash from Trader Joe’s: basically a light wash that is based on coconut oil, lemon and grape seed oils.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I like Trader Joe’s especially for their variety and I really liked this wash. However, the engineer in me suggested I should keep looking for a better, cheaper and MUCH MORE EFFICIENT way of not only cleaning but also, extracting the pesticides which farmers are using to protect their produce against pest. Are you ready? Here it goes…


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