Both me and my wife are living an intense life, especially in the past 2 and half years since we’ve been blessed with our daughter. One of the things that definitely changed for us in terms of lifestyle is how much time we dedicate to housekeeping, just to make sure our baby girl has always a clean environment where she can play, live and grow.

A very special place in this entire adventure is cleaning our apartment and, more specifically, the dishes and all the utensils we use to cook, eat and store food. For this, we heavily rely on our dishwasher which runs at least once a day, if not twice when things get hectic.

That puts a lot of pressure on the device itself and creates the perfect environment for mold and other weird looking deposits at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Staying as safe and clean as possible is easy

Now because we really care what we’re using to both clean the dishes and the dishwasher, we made sure we’re making the right choices when it comes to detergent and other chemicals we use to do so. As for the detergent, we always go with Seventh Generation because it’s fragrance free and has only ingredients that don’t harm the environment.

Regardless, though, this doesn’t save us from occasional bad odor in the dishwasher so we need to throw in a different trick to deal with that. This usually happens when humidity is high and bacteria is present, which is exactly what dishwashers do (haha!). Which takes us to our secret ingredient…


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