Today’s hack about frozen blueberries is not going to be about fixing stuff in your household; rather it’s going to be about you making smart choices. Picking food while making sure you’re saving money and staying healthy at the same time.

I’ve specifically chosen blueberries for this article since both me and my wife always pick organic and frozen. This generally happens regardless of what season we’re in as we keep this type of food constantly in our diet. Studies show that freezing fruits preserves their nutritional profile for a significantly longer period of time Vs. regular, fresh. 

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love fresh produce. However, fresh comes with a price which people don’t really understand. Fresh means products turn bad faster, hence the price tag is considerably higher. These being said, be resourceful and purchase produce while in the season, and buy frozen when you’re off-season. Do this and you will still get all the health benefits associated with eating them.


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