One of the things we love to do with our 2 years old daughter is to travel small distances (think 50-100 miles radius around home). That does come with the main challenge of her losing patience in the car seat but also requires us to be creative with food supplies.

Snacking is always great since it does address really nice the “patience” aspect. However, the main concern for us was always what should we feed her, like a main course, during the trip and even while we’re walking around in a remote location away from the comfort of our home.

Conventional food pouches

One thing we initially started to do out of convenience was to buy all kinds of baby food pouches. Really easy to pack, great shelf life however LOADED with carbohydrates (read “sugar”) and other stuff we were not necessarily excited about. However, we’ve done a lot of research online on how to serve baby food on the go and we found the absolute best way to do so. Here it goes.


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